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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My little Jacob is my constant companion now that he's not yet starting in school. He is with me from morning until night and whenever I go out for errands he's there with me. Sometimes there's a little whining (I'm sleeping/tired/hungry/insert complaint here) but we all know how demanding 3 years old are.

Generally he hates going for walks, he is especially scared because our neighborhood has a lot of slugs and snails. On times where he sees something different like the big outdoor fountain that our neighbor has, he gets excited. He was even asking if we can have that as well! Even though I know where to get one, in Soothing Company, we can't have any outdoor decorations yet because we are only renting. Maybe when we have our own house, we can put an outdoor fountain and maybe a trampoline! 

Our errand earlier was fun for him because we saw a big iron man toy and this big lego guy. He's interested in legos these days so this was a treat for him.



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