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Friday, June 21, 2013

Oido (pronounced as widow) as far as I know is someone who can play an instrument just by listening to the music. "Play it by ear" they would say. My Aunt is one and I am quite jealous of that talent. Whenever we go to her place we would ask her to sit and play for us. My cousin who plays the guitar would join in and there's an instant party right there. We don't have loud speakers so the neighbors don't need to worry. We will not get too noisy - that's for sure. My son is the one in the family who got the music in him. I see him singing and dancing all the time. The thing with his though is he dislikes taking videos so when I snapped a video of him I immediately posted it online. There was a lot of likes and it made me think of getting him into a voice class or something.



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