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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now that the plan of going to Norway is almost 75% sure, I am already starting to think about how I will deal with the kids missing school for a year. Joshua is an incoming Grade 2 pupil and Jacob would have been in Kinder 2. 

If we move to Norway this July, I don't think they can enroll in regular school yet. Joshua will be enrolled in a special school where he will learn about the culture and language of Norway. Jacob will be enrolled in a playgroup. I was thinking about tutoring them at home in the meantime so that they will continue to learn something new each day. The problem now is where to get the materials? In the US I read about how Beck's Bookstore offers an online service where you can easily compare textbook prices. So before buying or renting a book one can check and compare the prices before spending. Quite an awesome info to have right? 

So I guess when we get there - I have to do my research too.


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