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Monday, March 17, 2014

What a genius yet simple tool for musicians out there! The SwirlyGig Microphone Stand Drink Holder, for those of you who are not familiar and scratching your head, is built to accommodate most beverage containers. The SwirlyGig cup holder requires no assembly and fits on most mic and music stands. This can be very helpful if you are recording, if you are dubbing something or when you are in a live concert! Gotta hydrate those vocal chords right? If I have learned one thing from musicians is that it is important to take care of their voice and health. Having something to drink and hydrate then in a convenient place is surprisingly helpful and beneficial. Looks like something that interests you? Try checking it out at swirlygig from guitar center.



Trying Times

Feeling emotional again. 

The homesickness is suffocating. Sometimes, I feel trapped and out of place. The language is also a big hindrance because at times, I feel lost in translation. Because of this, I can't fully socialize for fear of not being understood. I am glad the kids are adjusting well in school though. There are times when they ask to go to Cebu but I can see that they are gaining friends and fun experiences daily. Also, this is a 1st world country and they value education so much. If I think about the kids future then staying here is ideal. 

It has been 7 months already but to be honest, it is still not easy. I am constantly searching for a job online and tried auditioning but to no avail. I always pray and ask the Lord for a job that is for me. I have 2 kids to take care of and I need something that would offer flexibility as well.

Everyday I ask for strength. I once thought I was brave. This year, my 30's, is by far the second most challenging time in my life. I once survived difficulty by surrendering it all and now I will do the same. I will have faith that the Lord has a plan for me.



Clingy Boys

Friday, March 7, 2014

As a weekend treat, the kids usually sleep with us in our bedroom. I am a mother of 2 boys so I am the queen of this household. Whenever we sleep, the 3 of them always fight over who can sleep beside me. Obviously one of them can't and that would be the eldest, of course, Hubby. 

The boys would want to cuddle and that is fine, but then when I wake up in the morning I am in odd positions and my body would aches all over. Our bed is bed enough naman but still.

I wonder what to do? I kind of want to buy a new mattress, maybe from foam mattress from Foam Factory and put it beside our bed. That way, the kids get bigger space. Also, we can pimp out their room so they prefer to stay? I don't know how other parents do it. My kids are a bit clingy and to be honest I secretly enjoy it. I know some day they will grow up and suddenly sleeping beside Mommy is a no-no. Sooner or later they won't do it any more and they will demand their own bed and bedroom. So for now, I accept the body aches. I cherish the cuddles. I appreciate the attention.


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